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NFL Characters Unite
Troy Polamalu

In NFL Characters Unite, Pittsburgh Steelers seven-time pro-bowl safety Troy Polamalu meets step-sisters Roya and Jeanna, who both get bullied and treated as outcasts because of their appearances. The girls have felt alone and unmoored, with no sense of community around them. Having experienced similar struggles with looking different and fitting in, Troy wants to give the girls an outlet like he had through sports to be able to get their confidence back and find a place where they feel supported. Since the girls find solace in music, Troy and his wife introduce them to the Hot Metal Bridge Community Center, a place where differences are celebrated. The girls are challenged to perform with the Hot Metal Bridge Band in front of a large, live audience. Though initially terrified by the prospect, the girls find the courage to let their voices be heard and to express their true selves. With the help of Troy and Hot Metal Bridge, the sisters are able to get their self-esteem back and feel welcome in a community.

Troy Polamalu
Pittsburgh Steelers

Before Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu was a seven-time pro-bowler he faced racism and bigotry as a child. After being adopted in the fourth-grade, he moved to a small town in Oregon where he was made to feel like he would never fit in because of the color of his skin, his unique look and his complicated Samoan last name. He found an outlet through playing sports and vowed that people everywhere would learn how to pronounce his name. It became a tool to fuel his ambition. Ultimately, he found the strength to embrace his individuality and today, it is a source of pride rather than pain. Today, Troy is dedicated to helping others learn to respect and accept people’s differences.