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Richard Sherman

In NFL Characters Unite, Richard Sherman meets Tevin, a teen struggling to stay on the right the track, much like Richard did growing up. Tevin lost both parents to AIDS and is now being raised by his 24-year-old sister. After the death of his parents, his twin brother, and older brother have gone down a dangerous path and have been in and out of juvenile detention centers. Like Richard, Tevin desperately does not want to fall victim to a life of poverty and crime and is focused on staying in school. This is not easy for him, as his brothers and the kids in the neighborhood pick on him for not following them on the streets. They call him a loner and say he has no friends. At the Seahawks training facility, Richard enlists Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll and together they encourage Tevin to remain committed to keeping out of trouble. Knowing Tevin's interest in cooking, Richard arranges for him to participate in the Learning to Lead program at the local Coal Creek Family YMCA and teach a cooking activity to younger children. Tevin receives a five-year family scholarship to continue to attend the YMCA, where he and his entire family can reconnect and participate in everything the Y has to offer together.


Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman grew up in Compton, CA, a place where opportunity and possibility for too many kids has been lost to gangs and violence. Richard's parents taught him that he could be more and do better. He believed them and worked doubly hard in school and on the football field. Despite the pressure from others around him who tried to lure him down a dangerous path, he was focused on proving that if he could make it, then any kid in a rough neighborhood could too. He became a scholar-athlete, getting into Stanford University both for his academic achievement and his football talent. Since being drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2011, Richard has more interceptions and defended passes than any other NFL player and he's considered by many to be the league's best cornerback. He helped lead the Seahawks to win their first Super Bowl in 2014. But he has never forgotten where he came from and has made helping others succeed a top priority. He started Blanket Coverage, the Richard Sherman Family Foundation, to provide school supplies to students across the country and inspire kids to achieve their fullest potential.