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NFL Characters Unite

In NFL Characters Unite, Nick meets 13-year-old Rebecca, who, like Nick’s sister Holly, is bullied because she is a girl pursuing what is perceived as a "boys" sport. Rebecca loves wrestling, but is constantly tormented for her passion. Confronted with resistance from opponents, coaches and her peers, she feels alone and has struggled to find her own way. Nick sees a lot of his situation, and his sister’s situation, in what Rebecca is going through. He arranges for Rebecca to meet and work out with women wrestlers at Apex Wrestling in Kenilworth. The experienced female wrestlers, who have blazed a trail for Rebecca, coach her on her moves and how to navigate past the barriers she has faced. With this new team in her corner, Rebecca finds the support and role models she needs to continue wrestling, and she learns to Never Say Never to her dreams.

New York Jets

New York Jets center Nick Mangold is no stranger to bullying. As an awkward middle school student growing up in Ohio, he was harassed relentlessly for his size. Sports became an outlet for Nick and a family affair for the Mangolds. His sister Holly also developed an interest in football at a young age, and, as a girl trying to play a traditionally male sport, she was constantly picked on for pursuing her passion. From his own and his sister’s experiences, he understands how challenging it can be to try to fit in where you are unwelcome. Nick strongly believes that everyone should get a chance to do what they love and not have to endure bullying and discrimination because of it.