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NFL Characters Unite
Justin Tuck

In NFL Characters Unite, Justin Tuck meets Sebastieon, a student at the Eagle School for Young Men in Brooklyn, NY. The school is involved in Justin Tuck's R.U.S.H. Foundation program to encourage success through literacy and this year, Sebastieon is one of 33 students who entered the organization's annual essay contest. When Justin read Sebastieon's essay, which described how he had been bullied relentlessly for being a dedicated student, he was struck by how much they had in common. Having experienced very similar taunting for his academic passion as a kid, Justin wanted to help Sebastieon. Justin, along with Jason A. Spencer-Edwards, challenge Sebasteion to share his essay with his classmates and demonstrate that succeeding in school is cool. With renewed spirit, Sebastieon finds strength and inspiration to rise above the bullying and pursue his dreams.

Justin Tuck
New York Giants

Justin Tuck came from a very rural area of Alabama with a population of approximately two hundred. Opportunities were few; chances to better oneself were scarce; and finding inspiration to achieve greatness was difficult. Yet Justin’s mother always stressed the importance of reading and education to him, and his father embodied a tireless work ethic. Justin was motivated to excel in school, but his peers bullied and tormented him for his passion for learning. He remained focused in his studies and went on to college at Notre Dame. Committed to encouraging other kids to expand their horizons, five years ago Justin and his wife started the R.U.S.H. (short for Read, Understand, Succeed and Hope) for Literacy Foundation. The organization works with underprivileged kids to promote achievement through literacy and to point the way to success by following a path similar to Justin's.