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NFL Characters Unite
Jameel McClain

In NFL Characters Unite, Jameel McClain meets 8 year-old Jesse, whose family is currently homeless and whose possessions were lost in storage. Jesse is embarrassed by the hand-me-down, ragged clothes he has to wear, and is upset by the bullying and teasing he experiences as a result of his circumstances. Having grown up homeless and having faced painful teasing because of it, Jameel relates to Jesse’s experience and wants to ease his situation. He helps Jesse fit in, while teaching him an important lesson on the importance of giving back. As a lasting gift, Jameel establishes a partnership with the local Target store to help kids in need at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of Baltimore get new clothing on a regular basis.

Jameel McClain
Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain grew up in rough neighborhoods of Philadelphia. He and his family moved from house to house until they ran out of options and Jameel found himself and his brothers homeless and forced to stay at a Salvation Army rescue center. To hide the fact that he lived in the shelter, Jameel would disembark from the school bus many blocks before his final destination. He could not totally hide his situation though, as his threadbare clothes he was forced to wear repeatedly were a source of embarrassment and hurtful teasing by his classmates. The experience left an indelible mark and today, as an NFL player, he strives to improve the lives of those in need. He is very involved in philanthropic activities in Baltimore, participating in programs that provide meals and clothing to military families and underprivileged children.