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Scott Garman


North Dakota native Scott Garman is the director and co-founder of UnityND, an anti-hate organization formed in response to a white supremacist’s attempt to take over and build an all-white enclave in the town of Leith, ND.

When a national white supremacist organization planned a rally in support of the town takeover, Scott knew he had to take action. He and friends - Jeremy Kelly, James McMullen-Wendt and Kade Ferris - launched UnityND and planned a counter-demonstration to show the white supremacists that their hate was unacceptable.

UnityND organized accommodations and raised funds for transportation and gas money to support more than 350 people from surrounding communities to attend and show solidarity. As a result of the organization’s efforts and the town’s strength, the supremacists were not able to reach their goal of establishing an all-white community.

Scott continues to work relentlessly with UnityND to promote patriotism, citizenship and strong, tolerant and welcoming communities across the state, while combating prejudice and discrimination. This summer the organization hosted its first UnityFest summer festival to celebrate cultural, racial and community unity in North Dakota.

Scott and UnityND hope to continue their work by developing a state-specific curriculum on tolerance and diversity, as well as advocating for comprehensive hate crimes legislation in North Dakota. Eventually, they would like to expand UnityND into other states.

Scott attended North Dakota State University for Political Science, and Religion and Minnesota State University-Moorhead for Special Education. In addition to working with UnityND, Scott currently teaches special education and coaches elementary school baseball.

Scott Garman