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Richard Boeshore


Richard Michael Boeshore, the second of five children born to Lilly and Bob Boeshore, has been helping others since he was a young boy, growing up in the South Park community on Long Island, New York. At the age of 10, he took over coordinating a door-to-door holiday gift collection for terminally ill patients at Bird S. Coler Hospital on Roosevelt Island, a project he is still involved with today. When he was 11, he began a lawn service business for the community; and at 16, he became an Eagle scout, completing his final project by painting the house numbers of over 300 houses on the curbs so emergency vehicles could find the houses easier. As an adult, Richard made a career out of the New York City Police department and while serving and protecting others, he continued volunteering in the church and community.

Richard has always worked to improve the lives of others. However, he realized the true gift of life in early adulthood after losing his sister, who had suffered from bone cancer for 9 years. The untimely loss pushed Richard to seek ways of bringing comfort to other families dealing with cancer. After years of feeling helpless about how to be a resource to people in need, Richard decided to do something that would impact families for generations to come – he created Pine Crest Farm Camp.

Launching next summer, the camp will work as a safe haven for children with cancer and their families. Richard envisioned the camp as a place where kids could feel comfort, acceptance and respect; and parents could network with other parents, discuss medications, treatments, side effects, and general concerns; all the while developing lifelong bonds of friendship and support.

The camp holds a special place for Richard because it is built on the property that housed his family resort in upstate New York. With the main camp lodge building near completion, and the acquisition of his nonprofit 501(c)3 status, Richard is well on his way to not only honoring his sister’s legacy, but also bringing lifelong support and respect to those affected by cancer.

Richard resides with his wife Mary in Rosyln Heights, and is the proud father of three children.