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Jasmine Babers


Jasmine Babers is the founder and publisher of Love, GIRLS, a quarterly magazine to help teenagers build confidence, become leaders, and pursue their dreams. Jasmine discovered her passion for fostering self-esteem after witnessing her friends being viciously bullied online. At the young age of 15, she decided to utilize her talents in journalism, graphic design and photography to create and launch Love, GIRLS Magazine.

Jasmine worked vigorously for a year to secure magazine volunteers, contributors, advertisers and mentors. She also spent several hours teaching herself how to design a 20-page glossy, full-color publication. In 2012, the first issue was successfully published. The magazine features articles about the struggles and accomplishments of individual girls, plus tips on exercise, fashion, makeup and succeeding in school and life.

Over the last two years, distribution for the magazine has expanded from Illinois and Iowa Quad Cities, to Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Washington, D.C., reaching more than 5,000 girls. In conjunction with the magazine, Jasmine has also led community-wide events to raise awareness of the impact of bullying and low self-esteem in girls. She has produced Lessons in Love, a theater production led by girls; and most recently, she coordinated the second annual Love Awards, to honor the struggles and accomplishments of local girls.

Jasmine will attend college in the fall of 2014 and major in business. In college she hopes to gain valuable insights and knowledge that will contribute to the ongoing development and expansion of the magazine.

Jasmine Babers