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Director of Community Based Services, Jamie Raab has dedicated her career and life to helping at-risk girls achieve success for their future by helping girls to develop their highest potential. Prior to her current role, Jamie developed and led GEM's-Girls Empowering Minds and Spirits. The Greene County Juvenile Office has had a focus on meeting the needs of girls for many years, but Jamie and the GEM’S team made this focus a highly relevant and contemporary reality. Focusing on designing innovative programs that would meet the girls’ needs the GEM’S team developed weekly groups with topics including self-esteem, confidence, healthy communication and relationships. With an emphasis on community involvement, GEM’s provides opportunities to be part of the community and experience many things that some take for granted such as going to a baseball game or participating on a sports team. Jamie has a personal devotion to service in the community and has made this a forefront purpose in GEM’s, volunteering and being grateful for the community they reside in. GEM’s focuses on having “Spotlight” speakers, amazing women from the community to talk about challenges growing up, where they are today and how they got there.

Jamie’s many accomplishments with GEM’s include: GEM's graduation, recognizing the girl’s growth by hosting a ceremony to honor them; she planned and developed a Community/Volunteer banquet honoring 60 community members, the girls served dinner and gave thanks and acknowledgement for their investment in GEM's; and recently, Jamie and current GEM's Coordinator Staci Hampton, plus them amazing GEM’s girls were invited to speak at the Missouri Juvenile Justice Association Spring Conference. This speaking engagement focused on how to implement the girl’s program, how to engage the community and, most importantly, why it matters.

Jamie fully believes and has shown through her work that these girls are important! Their success is directly impacted by the opportunities that are provided. The girls that GEM’s work with are inspirational and the team is lucky to have the opportunity to interact and support them. Through Jamie’s leadership the GEM’s team worked together with a focus on building relationships – working around the clock to facilitate and develop the GEM’s program. The staff goes above and beyond their normal jobs to provide the opportunities for the girls. Jamie recognizes that without the GEM’s team, it would be impossible to come this far. She is forever grateful for the heart and devotion of the team.

Jamie is a graduate of Missouri State University with a major in Criminology and minor in Psychology. She and her husband Jeff have two beautiful children, Landon (7) and Sophia (2). The focus of her free time is spending time with her family; they make each day worth it. Jamie’s family enjoys the spirit of service through volunteering their time in the community and hosting exchange students. From the work of GEM’s and in Jamie's daily life, she possesses the heart of a servant and a devotion to girls and youth in the community.