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Ever since Eric was a little kid, he loved stories. He loved reading books about heroes going on great adventures. He loved drawing his own comic book series and selling them for 25 cents to his friends and family. Above all, he loved watching movies.

Eric believes that films can change the world. With his best friends Eddie and Jason, he co-founded Jubilee Project, a non-profit film production group. Since 2010, they have created 90 short films and mini-documentaries, garnering over 6 million views online. By partnering with other non-profits, Jubilee Project raises awareness and inspires action on issues such as sex trafficking, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, autism, and anti-bullying.

With films, Eric hopes to combat hate and discrimination by telling compelling stories and empowering others to make a difference in their communities. Because more and more young people are online these days, Jubilee Project uses social media and films to create campaigns around various causes. They have also toured and spoken at over 25 schools and established 15 high school and college chapters around the world, all with the purpose of inspiring young people to do good.

Eric's passion lies at the intersection social justice and storytelling through medicine and filmmaking. He graduated in 2009 from Harvard College with a degree in Social Anthropology and he now attends Harvard Medical School. Currently, however, he is taking a leave of absence to pursue the Jubilee Project fulltime. In the past, Eric provided harm reduction street outreach to drug addicts in inner-city Boston neighborhoods, lived with recovering drug addicts as well as worked in a prison in Taiwan, and helped people living with mental illnesses in New York City. These are the people who have taught him life's most important lessons about empathy and service. Motivated by his faith in God, Eric devotes his life serving the marginalized and underprivileged.

Eric I. LU