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Emersyn Harris is the Founder of Cards for Kids. She has been creating and sending “smiles” to sick kids since 2010.

Emersyn is a 14-year-old and in the ninth grade. She is a straight “A” student who is involved in student council, theater, voice, track, We-Act and more. She loves Japanese culture and anime and writes “fan fiction.” She runs Cards for Kids from her home in Minnesota.

Emersyn is a big fan of The Ellen Show. When she was 8 years-old, she saw on Ellen’s Facebook page that a child with cancer was hoping to get 1,000,000 Get Well cards and really wanted to send him one. This was the seed that grew into Cards for Kids and Emersyn’s other philanthropic work. She continued to make and send cards to children with all types of illnesses, devoting her time on weekends and after school to sending her “smiles.” At the age of 10, Emersyn asked her mom if she could start a Facebook page to help spread the news about her work and to encourage others to participate.

Since starting Cards for Kids, Emersyn has gained over 10,000 followers who encourage and help her to reach as many sick kids as possible. But Emersyn has not stopped there. She has expanded her activities to include visiting nursing homes, volunteering at local hospitals and pet shelters, and ringing the bell for the Salvation Army during the holidays. On a trip to the hospital for surgery, she noticed the plain socks that children get and thought it would be nice to send “silly socks” (socks with fun designs) to the kids at St. Jude’s. She has collected “silly socks” and sent them to St. Jude’s every year since. Inspired by another Ellen Show segment on poorly resourced schools, Emersyn also collects school supplies and items for low-income schools at the end of every summer. On her birthday, Emersyn asks that her followers donate Mylar balloons to sick children at their local hospitals and collects Pinwheels for the children at Children’s Hospital. And at Christmas, she helps with Jingle Bells – helping deliver toys and food to kids in need.

Emersyn and Cards for Kids have been responsible for putting over 100,000 “smiles” on the faces of sick kids. She has been making people smile since the age of 8, and plans on doing it for a long time.