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Characters Unite Award Winners

Brian Jeffrey


The 2009 Characters Unite Award winner was Brian Jeffrey, a High School English teacher in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, who co-founded Socially Together and Naturally Diverse (STAND), clubs where students can confront stereotypes and celebrate their diversity.

STAND clubs have created a safe place where students can celebrate their diversity and confront racism, sexism and homophobia and have spread across the country. He also created a group called Socially Together and Naturally Diverse, United Performers (STAND UP), which performs a play, “Experiences,” that combines satire and drama to deal with prejudice and stereotyping.

Jeffrey has taught for 20 years and is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher in English. The recipient of many awards for his contributions, most recently, Jeffrey received the National Council of Teachers of English’s National Teacher of Excellence Award; in 2008, he received the California Teachers Association’s Human Rights Award and the National Education Association’s Martin Luther King Jr. Award for Human and Civil Rights. Jeffrey lives with his wife, Christine, who is a high school counselor, and his two children in California.

Brian Jeffrey